Does your therapist do this?

I was browsing the  posts on a health forum the other day in the massage section and someone had posed the question ‘Have you ever had a client who really hated your massage’. Most of the replies centred around the theme of ‘they had been given a gift certificate, never had a massage before and didn’t like being touched. This got me wondering how these therapists communicated with their clients during the consultation process. Did they just run through the usual ‘have you ever suffered from………’ before telling them to get undressed and on the couch?

A good therapist should at the very least get some idea of the clients previous experience with massage. Find out what brought them to your clinic and what they hoped to get from the experience. The therapist should then discuss with the client what they need to do to achieve their desired outcome. You see, I can give exactly the same massage to two different people and each one will get something different from the experience. So therapist and client need to agree before the massage starts, what the outcome should be and both should then work towards achieving that.

“How does that work?” I hear you ask. Well, there’s another blog post!!

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