Massage in Decline

I found an article from American entitled Massage in Decline which I found interesting. We always assume that massage training in the US is more rigorous than our own in the UK. Do the views in this article reflect the situation in the UK?

I certainly sympathies with the sentiment that a lot of therapist provide no more skill than a caring mate could provide. This is because so many therapists do not continue with additional training after their basic course. Also training is not the only perquisite for a good massage therapist. Technique alone is not enough. There’s more to massage than just manipulating soft tissue. Of course, there is a big difference between the Spa therapist who provides a relaxing, pampering experience and a therapist who is dedicated to healing. A good massage therapist needs compassion, empathy and a conscious intent to improve the health and wellbeing of their client.

As a therapist specializing in massage and bodywork who has been practicing for over forty years my opinion is that our industry is very bad at providing the public with enough information as to the differences in various massage approaches and the range of health issues that massage can help. I hope my web site will provide enough information for you to be able to reach an informed decision

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