‘Massage Mind’ Have You Experience It?

As a massage therapist who likes to practice what he preaches, I get regular massages for myself. Today I was reflecting on some of my most rejuvenating and healing experiences and realized that they came in the stillness and peacefulness of the moment when the mind enters that almost meditative state. Bruce Hopkins, an American therapist, calls this state “massage mind”. The easiest way to describe this is to liken it to the quietness just before sleep or the stillness of deep meditation. It’s difficult to explain to anyone who has never experience it but for those lucky ones who have you will understand immediately what I mean.

It is my belief that the most therapeutic work occurs when the mind gets out of the way and surrenders to ‘the moment’. The world and all it’s worries are left behind and the client surrenders completely to the touch of the therapist. The therapist job is to coax you into a place where the mind can work it’s magic. Unwind the mind and the body will unwind itself.

So whether you are looking for mental, emotional or physical healing or just a relaxing hour away from the traumas of everyday living just give me a call.

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