Frankincense Oil Cancer Natural Treatment

Tradition tells us that the magi (3 wise men) gave the infant King of Israel gifts of gold to honor his royalty, frankincense as a perfume, and myrrh for anointing oil. Although there probably some truth to this, other sources claim that the wise men from the Far East were actually being more practical by […] Read more »

‘Massage Mind’ Have You Experience It?

As a massage therapist who likes to practice what he preaches, I get regular massages for myself. Today I was reflecting on some of my most rejuvenating and healing experiences and realized that they came in the stillness and peacefulness of the moment when the mind enters that almost meditative state. Bruce Hopkins, an American […] Read more »

Massage in Decline

I found an article from American entitled Massage in Decline which I found interesting. We always assume that massage training in the US is more rigorous than our own in the UK. Do the views in this article reflect the situation in the UK? I certainly sympathies with the sentiment that a lot of therapist […] Read more »

Does your therapist do this?

I was browsing the  posts on a health forum the other day in the massage section and someone had posed the question ‘Have you ever had a client who really hated your massage’. Most of the replies centred around the theme of ‘they had been given a gift certificate, never had a massage before and […] Read more »

Major Re-write

Just to let you know folks. I am in the process of a complete overhaul of this site. Hopefully it shouldn’t take too long but you know how it goes…………………….. Visit regularly to catch the changes as they happen. Read more »

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