How much does a massage cost?

Prices start from as little as £25 for a 30 minute introduction treatment. Massage is most effective when it is received regularly. Having the occasional massage once or twice a year is a very pleasurable experience but is not regular enough to really benefit you in the long run. For this reason I give generous discounts for people who book regularly. 

Where are you located?

I am in Brackley, Northamptonshire. When you book, you will receive full directions and contact details.

What does a full-body massage consist of?

The first thing to remember when you come for a massage is that you are paying for my time and skill to give you the massage you want. A full body massage usually consists the whole of the body apart from the genitals. However, we will discuss before we begin if there are any areas you wish to leave out. Some people don’t like their stomach touched. Others, although not many, have a problem with feet. It’s your massage, you decide.

What happens when I arrive?

We will spend a few minutes chatting about your previous experiences with massage and your expectations of the treatment. Some people want a relaxing massage and some an invigorating one. The type of strokes I use will depend on your requirements. I take a few medical details just to make sure that there are no reasons that you should not be massaged. I will leave you to get ready and lie on the massage table, face down, covering yourself with a drape.

Do I have to take my clothes off when I have a massage?

The quick answer is “not necessarily”. For a full body massage it is best to be completely naked although some people like to retain their underwear. You will be covered at all times with a sheet or towels unless you state otherwise. If you are just having a back massage you only have to strip to the waist. The choice is yours. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

What do I have to do?

Your job is to relax as completely as possible. Breathe deeply and regularly, allow the body to sink into the table. As I locate areas of tension, consciously try to let go and release these tense areas.Talking for the most part is distracting. Good massage requires concentration on my part. Great massage is the result of good “energy” between therapist and recipient. But if you do want to chat, that’s OK. Do feel free to give feedback if any stroke is uncomfortable or if you would like something done differently or for longer. It’s you who’ve come to this encounter to feel good. Just lie there. Allow me to move your limbs into whatever position is required. Be a rag doll. Don’t try to be helpful. Simply receive. I am a trained professional who can be trusted to take good care of your body.If emotions surface, do not be afraid to give them expression. The body is the seat of emotions. Sometimes during massage these emotions will come up and it is a great benefit if these can be let go of and worked through. Many people unaccustomed to such tender physical caring may express their emotion by crying – don’t be embarrassed you will be accepted and understood. At the very least, don’t be afraid to sigh with relaxation or hum with pleasure. Close your eyes. See with your sense of touch. Feel your body both inside and out. Closing one’s eyes in the massage experience tends to being one’s centre of energy out of the head and into the body. Enjoy!

Why is your massage different or better than someone else’s?

I take a great deal of pride in my work, strive for excellence, and derive a great deal of satisfaction in seeing and aiding the continuing good health of my clients. You will never receive a hurried or impersonal massage from me. Just as each client is unique, so each massage is bespoke and customized for you. I feel so confident of your total satisfaction that I will not charge you a penny if your not completely satisfied.

Do I need to book ahead of time, or are you readily available?

I am quite busy and usually require booking a few days in advance. It never hurts to ask, though–I may be free right now.

Do you ever have discounts or special deals?

I do give generous discounts to people who appreciate the advantages of regular massage and want to book regular appointments. Also I do occasionally have special offers. You would need to be registered with me to receive these via email.

How often should I have massage?

While it is safe to have massage as often as you wish, most of my repeat clients tend to book once or twice per month. This is a very healthy regime, one worthy of thinking through and budgeting for! Again, it’s difficult to believe that something that feels this wonderful is actually good for you–and it truly is. You are likely to feel, look, and act years younger!

What does “holistic” mean in regard to massage?

“Holistic” means that rather treating “your back” or “your neck,” instead, I aim to treat you as a whole person and am concerned about all aspects of your health. Your emotions, your activities, your physical exercise, even your “quiet time” and recreation all play an important part in your overall health, and I am willing to work with you as much as you’d like to help you achieve a lifestyle that can accommodate all the various elements that help make up a complete and whole life.

How can I find out more?

If the above topics do not answer your questions, or you would like further information, please do not hesitate to email me using the ‘Contact‘ page.

What is the best way to book an appointment?

By phone, text or email. All contact details are on my Contact page or you can use the form below: