New Treatments

The course over the last four days was great. I now have more treatments to add to my repertoire. I’ll be adding those to the web site over the next few days. As well as the new treatments there were new strokes which now enable me to work both deeper and also more gently so enabling me to treat clients who require vastly different outcomes. Why not book your introductory massage using my fantastic offer of £15 for a full 1 hour treatment.

Another Massage Course

This coming Friday I start my advanced NO HANDS Massage course. I’m really excited and counting the hours. Thats the thing about bodywork. You never stop. There is always something more to learn. And most of it, once you get passed the basics, is not about technique. It’s more about how we connect to the body we are treating. Its about becoming more aware of what we have under our hands. Every client is different and each body speaks to us in a different way. We just have to be sure we are open and listening. Roll on Friday!

Receiving a Non Clinical Massage

Not all massage is used to treat purely physical complaints. Some styles are more suited to address mental, emotional and spiritual issues or may be used for pure relaxation. The focus of these styles are more to do with the unconditional love and compassion which the therapist works with as apposed to the more clinical styles like sports or deep tissue massage. Because massage is not a common part of our contemporary cultural experience, many people do not get the most out of this type of massage.

One of the main reasons for this is that you have to get undressed to a greater or lesser extent. Clothing gets in the way of the most pleasant sensation of total wholeness and connectedness of your body. In our society with its preoccupation with sex and our general discomfort with nudity a lot of people may feel uncomfortable at having to remove most, if not all, of their clothing. This attitude is due to our sexual immaturity as a culture and the fact so many confuse nudity and touch with sex. Once you get use to receiving your massage nude you will feel very comfortable and wonder what all the fuss was about. In a professional massage situation you would normally be covered by a sheet or a towel to keep those “private” parts of our body covered. Normally only the areas being massaged will be uncovered.

There are certain medical conditions that may prevent you from receiving a massage so your therapist will have taken some medical history from you to make sure that there is no reason not to proceed. They will discuss any arrears of the body you don’t want massaged. Some people are very ticklish in various areas but generally a massage does not promote this sort of response.

Your only job is to relax as completely as possible. Breathe deeply and regularly, allow your body to sink into the table. As the therapist’s hands locate areas of tension, consciously try to let go and release those tense areas.

Generally, talking during the massage is distracting. Good massage requires concentration on the part of the therapist. Great massage is the result of good “energy” between therapist and recipient. However, do give feedback if any particular stroke is uncomfortable or if you would like something done longer or differently. It’s your massage and you will only get the best out of it if you are comfortable. Any good therapist will be only to happy to provide the experience you want so don’t feel you have to put up with anything that you are not happy with.

Just lie there. Allow the therapist to move your limbs into whatever position is required. Be a rag doll. Don’t try to be helpful. Simply receive. The therapist is a trained professional who can be trusted to take good care of your body.

It is not uncommon for emotions to surface. If this happens do not be afraid to give them expression. Sometimes during massage these emotions will come up and it will benefit you greatly let go and work through them. This is all part of the healing process. People who are unaccustomed to such tender physical caring provided by this type of massage may express their emotion by crying. If this happens you should not be embarrassed. You will be accepted and understood. The body holds these emotions within and they need to be released and lovingly replaced with good feelings. At the very least, don’t be afraid to sigh with relaxation or hum with pleasure.

Close your eyes. See with your sense of touch. Feel your body both inside and out. Closing your eyes during the massage tends to bring your centre of energy out of the head and into the body. Relax and enjoy.

The Cumulative Effect Of Massage

by Gerry Pyves


Massage is a natural therapy that works on the ancient ‘cumulative principle’. This ancient healing principle has almost been forgotten in our modern age of ‘quick fix’ and instant gratification. Yet massage was being used thousands of years ago – in a time when there was a greater understanding of the natural rhythms of the world, the psyche and the human body. Massage works because you literally accumulate touch. Touch is the missing link in health. There are libraries of research papers documenting the phenomenal power of touch to heal disease and illness as well as prevent innumerable conditions from ever developing. Of course they don’t earn drug companies any money so we don’t hear about them, do we? Only massage therapists seem to take action on this research.

The loss of touch in our families and communities, in the workplace, in schools and would you believe, in our hospitals is a subject that has occupied this author for his whole life. Massage redresses this in the simplest and most direct way imaginable. It does it through this ancient principle of accumulation. What this means is that your first massage session is probably your least effective! That is why the really deep power of massage still remains a very well kept secret – even some massage therapists have not yet discovered it! You see, the real power of touch happens at a deeply subconscious level and this takes time and repetition to truly embed. Most people do not realise this and only go for an occasional massage. The secret remains safe…


All ancient healing disciplines that have remained unpolluted by our very modern need for everything to happen in a rush work to this tried and tested formula:


The human psyche is a profound and complex mechanism and does not respond well to ‘quick fixes’. Even the most profound and dramatic changes in our lives only have a permanent effect if reinforced by this formula. Healing is like a good marriage. It often takes time and persistent work to last beyond the first dramatic and exciting whirlwind of the romance and falling in love. The only real change is change that lasts.


Here is how massage actually works for you as the client: You come for your first session and you are a little apprehensive of the unknown. If you are wise, and follow the advice of this book, then once you find a therapist you feel safe with, you will book yourself a series of 10 massages over a period of approximately 10-20 weeks. It works even better if you have managed to find a regular slot (not always possible) and a regular day. This regularity also helps your subconscious to programme you for the very best results. At this first session, you probably ask yourself “Is this practitioner a good Massage therapist? Will I feel comfortable and safe? Will this person pry into my personal life? Will the practitioner respect my privacy? Will the practitioner be sensitive to my needs? Have I made the right decision coming for a massage? Will they give me the massage I want?” During this, your first massage session with a new practitioner, everything is new: the room, the decor, the smell, the oils, the system (where do I get changed? do I have to take all my clothes off? Where will they start? How will I know when they have finished?).

It is not so easy to completely let go fully in this new setting because it is such a new experience. Your Body and Mind have no reference points, so they stay alert and in a learning mode and in a protective mode. This is natural and instinctual. During this session, these fears should be assuaged and your body will let go. But it is still only the first session. You are still just a massage Baby! (If your fears are not assuaged, cancel all future sessions and look for another therapist!)

So how do you measure the effects of this first session? If it has been a good first session, then you have only experienced the smallest nibble of the hors d’oeuvres of the full menu that touch actually has to offer you! If we could give the impact and effectiveness of massage in unit values, let us say this first s massage cored a 2 or 3. Let us say that a single unit is like a great cup of coffee or glass of wine, or a blueberry muffin….and the most powerful experience you have ever had in your life scores 100.

Then comes your second session…

If you were wise, you booked this second session for just 1 week after your first, so you could get all the touch benefits properly locked into your body before it ‘forgets’. This time, you know the answers to all of the initial questions and you already feel more relaxed about this second visit… Within 5 minutes of this second massage session, you are already achieving a higher level of relaxation than you did at the end of your first session! Because only a week has passed, your body instantly remembers the level of relaxation you achieved last time and you now become much more open to the full power of touch. If we give this second session a unit score, it would probably be much nearer 10 units…This might be comparable to spending a day in a health spa or walking on the hills for a day.

Then you come for your third session…

If you are wise, you have booked this session for just one week after your second… Why? Because this means that your body remembers the effects of your last 2 Massages much more easily and by now you are feeling the effects from your previous session even as you travel to your appointment! You get on the table already releasing tension you have accumulated over the last week, out of your whole being and you are already looking forward to what is becoming the most important hour of your week…. You are beginning to understand that even with the best practitioner, it is up to you to let go of tension and your body is ‘remembering’ something you knew as a child… Touch and healing is natural and normal and you are wise enough to know exactly how to release any tension you have accumulated… At the end of this session you have experienced amazing depth of touch…and in terms of units are probably scoring 20 or 30 units…That is like being away on holiday for a week and it is ten times the power of your first!! massage! When you get onto the massage table for your fourth session (still booked for 1 week after your last session!), within 5 minutes you have reached the level of release and rebalance that you ended the last session with…and the touch just pours into your life and you now understand how to focus your mind during the massage on the 3 golden rules of massage: BREATHE, FEEL and RELEASE… You do this like you have been doing this all your life… You are already becoming a massage expert…You know how to get the most out of your session…you focus your mind on your breath, on the touch and on letting go….It is like a meditation…a meditation of touch…it is the place of healing, the place of your own personal Shi’Zen. The cumulative effect of 4 weekly massage sessions means that you are probably getting 40 – 50 units of value from this one session, just like going on holiday for 3 months – still in just one hour, still just for a few quid!


Your body is beginning to remember the power of touch from when you were a baby and your life revolved around simple touch. You have established that primal connection with yourself – a connection that will reawaken every time you get on the massage table… All your sessions after this have the potential to be as significant as anything else you have ever experienced in your life…providing you do not let that gap go longer than 2 weeks… Each time you receive a massage you start the session where you left off…with all the knowledge and memory of every session etched into your psyche and tissues… This is because the experiences are so profound that your body now has no problem remembering. It is as thrilling and as exciting as meeting your lover, only without all the difficult bits! It is not the massage therapist you are falling in love with – it is your connection to your wisdom that you are falling in love with. Something is blossoming within you – something that every single human being has. Your truth. When you feel this you are scoring 100 units on the Massage scale! Only now, you are becoming so used to such powerful experiences it only feels like a one or two! It is rather like this: having accelerated to a thousand miles an hour you are travelling so fast there is no sense of acceleration at all! When touch is transforming your life so much, it is not possible to increase it much more than this. Massage cannot have much more of an impact on your life than this – unless you begin to levitate, perhaps! The transformation that you experience after every session confirms the wisdom of choosing such a deep and natural therapy as opposed to those quick fixes people rave about. You also notice that all of the niggling little health problems you used to have are disappearing. Actually they have just fallen away so naturally and so quietly you probably haven’t even realised it.

You now know that what works is actually oh so simple… The more you let go each session, the more benefits you feel in your whole life, not just your body. The more you release, the more you discover there is to release. You are like a traveller who has been carrying so many bags of tension and disease for so long that it just seemed normal to walk around with so many bags of luggage under your arms and on your shoulder…


Each time you have a massage you let go of another bag and as it slides to the floor you say “Damn! I had no idea I had been carrying that one for so long….” And when you get off the table and walk around the room you feel lighter and younger than you ever believed possible. You begin to expect the miracles that touch can provide…touch has become as much a staple diet for you as your food, and all your friends are remarking how well you look and ask incredulously “what are you on?”… By the ninth session you book in your next series of 10 – because you know that every massage increases in value exponentially…


Remember, total health and well being probably requires TRANSFORMATION at every level of your being, physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual. If you wish to change anything, it takes commitment and persistance.

Real and lasting change is only achieved GRADUALLY, OVER TIME, WITH SUPPORT AND THROUGH REPETITION.

This is the ancient ‘cumulative principle’ on which the touch therapy of massage is based. Massage practitioners who promote this free book on theirweb sites understand and honour this principle. They probably have some favourable pricing structures that reward your commitment to this ‘cumulative principle’. They also have a commitment and dedication to the simplicity of healing touch. Uncomplicated, persistent and powerful.

All you have to do is keep turning up, and doing the work of BREATHING, FEELING AND RELEASING. Your massage therapist will do the rest.

An ancient healing formula: The cumulative principle. Ring your therapist and try it out for yourself.

The above book, ‘How Massage Works’, written by Gerry Pyves, can be down loaded at

Neck Massage

For many of us, it is the best way to unwind after a hard day’s work. But scientists believe a regular neck massage could also prove a life-saver. It can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease, research suggests. High blood pressure, which often shows no symptoms, doubles the risk of dying from one of the conditions.

Researchers from Leeds University found signals from the neck play a key role in helping the brain maintain blood pressure, heart rate and breathing when we change posture, for instance by standing up.

When these signals stop – perhaps because the neck is stiff and not being moved – we can suffer from problems with blood pressure and balance. Neck pain, often caused by stress, affects one in ten Britons at any one time, with three-quarters of us suffering from it at some point in our lives.

Writing in the Journal of Neuroscience, Professor Jim Deuchars said the breakthrough could also explain why those with whiplash injuries can experience a change in their blood pressure.

“This work also contributes to the understanding of postural hypotension – fainting which can be caused by standing up too fast,” he added.

“The neck muscles could be part of the system which normally prevents this from happening by sending signals to the brain upon neck movement that posture has changed.”

High blood pressure claims 60,000 lives a year and is becoming more common as Britons work longer hours and eat more fatty and salty food.

In April, the London School of Economics warned the stress of modern life could lead to an epidemic of heart disease, with half of Britons suffering from high blood pressure by 2025.

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