Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage is a gentle, flowing, deeply relaxing and pain-free massage. In the tradition of Hawaii, this massage is given not just as a nurturing and loving worship of the body, but more so of the spirit within. In this modern age of constant stress, arising from low self esteem, a lack of self-acceptance, pressures from within and without to be something other than we are, LomiLomi can offer us a refuge, a nurturing space to be ourselves, as we are, fully embraced and accepted, regardless of how we look or live. Without imposing on the body, the gentle flowing strokes of Hawaiian massage invite the mind to release its grip on the body, allowing tight knotted tissues to open, as might a rose.

Traditionally, LomiLomi is given on a table, with the recipient naked or covered only by a movable loin cloth. Long strokes are used (particularly with the soft part of the forearms), flowing from head to toe, and encompassing and integrating the whole body, encouraging a sense of union in mind and body. The continuous wavelike strokes caress and nurture your body. It is deeply therapeutic to body, mind and soul, and by releasing deeply held stresses, can help to deal with all modern stress related conditions; as well as being a delightful and gorgeous experience that brings you fully into the present. It will leave you feeling great about yourself, especially your body.

Hawaiian Massage compasses the teachings of two healing traditions from ancient, mystical Hawaii – Kahuna bodywork and LomiLomi massage.

Lomilomi was a more accessible massage given by family members for relaxation and recuperation within the extended family. Lomi Lomi, a respected tradition in itself, was passed down from generation to generation; with each group having it’s own style and merit. Hawaiian Massage is the practical hands-on expression of this enriching, rejuvenating and compassionate massage system.The practitioner engages their whole being when performing Hawaiian Massage; this includes heart, mind, soul as well as body. Working with oils the practitioner uses hands, forearms and body weight. As this is an all body massage the participant wears a movable loincloth. This allows the practitioner to make long sweeping strokes up and down the full length of the body. These continuous, rhythmic strokes of varying intensity gives the delightful impression of many hands working simultaneously.

On another level Hawaiian Massage offers much more than any other type of massage. It offers a uniquely empowering, inspirational experience creating wonderful feelings, visions and insights beyond your expectations. Enveloping the body in the magnanimous energy of Aloha, it effortlessly dissolves negative beliefs, patterns and memories inviting permanent change. Blessings of inner assurance, self-love and acceptance give a refreshingly new perspective to life. Hawaiian Massage allows heart felt clarity, purpose and joy as well as improved relationships.

Having a Hawaiian Massage can be likened to a guided meditation or spiritual visualisation, as deep inner connection with liberation from confusion is truly experienced. Participants leave the table as if born again, extremely relaxed and cleansed by wave upon wave of loving touch.

When the heart, mind, soul and body are in alignment an abundance of healing on every level is possible. 

Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage sessions are usually 1½ or 2 hours but a 1 hour session can be accommodated

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